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No need for nap rooms, sleep pods, sleep aids or special beds. Just close your eyes and listen.  Do it at work, at home or whenever you need an energy boost.

A 30 minute systematic method for inducing a complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation while giving you the benefits of sleep. 



Yoga Nidra, or 'psychic sleep' used by yogis, scientists and master thinkers for centuries, is a technique that allows the body to sleep while the mind increases its ability for deep awareness, focus and efficient visual recall.  Participants of the Sleep Meditation program will be trained to expand and explore the journey to sleep, a state that supports quality rest, creative insight, increased cognitive capacity, emotional balance and full-body relaxation.


"How can I get better sleep?" has become the billion dollar question for corporate America. 


With The Center for Disease Control and Prevention naming insufficient sleep as a public health epidemic in 2015 with 40% of Americans not getting enough sleep, over 4 billion spent on prescription sleep aids and recent research comparing lack of sleep to showing up to work drunk, we are literally dying to sleep. Read more facts HERE

And your workplace can do something about it.  

From your sleep deprived new parents, insomniacs, frequent travelers, and stressed managers, to your busy leaders and teams, the Sleep Meditation program is a natural and proven method for revitalizing your employee's wellness.



  • 45 minute company talk, "Sleep Meditation: An ancient method for today's epidemic"
  • 12 in-office sessions of 30 minutes each
  • 4 audio recordings for home and at desk practice
  • Impact testing before, during and after program
    *Works well with sleep-tracking devices and current sleep programs 

Client Testimonials

We have learned a lot when it comes to building a high performance culture: Health Ignites Performance. So is sleep a Company’s problem worthy to address? According to the data, we get a resounding yes — that it is a high return on investment.
Sleep Class... It works.
— Charlie Kim, CEO of Next Jump writes about Sleep Class in Huff Post article, "Is sleep a company's problem?"
I found that when I do toss and turn at night, the Sleep Med program has helped to reduce my second stress of not being able to fall asleep by simply saying to myself ‘Thank god there there is sleep class tomorrow. I just need to make it to 2:30.’ We’re only beginning to understand the benefits of mindfulness that is also coming with a rested body and mind.
— Charlie Kim, CEO of Next Jump
We saw dramatic changes in people. Some who do it daily, some do it when they need it — just a few times each week. Engineers reported coding for hours straight without breaks. People reported feeling more emotionally balanced, these benefits extending to their families as well.
— Peter Chiarchiaro, Head of Wellness at Next Jump
Anne has a special gift for teaching meditation in a corporate environment. Given her own corporate background in companies like Google and ?What If!, she is uniquely qualified to transform traditional Yoga Nidra teachings into office-friendly classes that are both accessible and inspiring.
— Liz Wilkes, Founding Partner of Exubrancy
Anne is a fantastic meditation instructor. She has a very calming voice and my stress level reduced after taking her sleep meditation class. She is very professional and passionate about introducing meditation into the corporate environment.
— Elizabeth, Attorney at top New York Law Firm


+Featured in Huffington Post, Today Show, Tennis Channel, GOOD Magazine, Idealist, ReachMD, Yoga City NYC, Village Voice, SONIMA Magazine and others for her work in wellness and emotional awareness. Former "Sleep Class" Teacher at Next Jump NYC and one of the original Aquacycling® instructors.

Columbia Grad and former corporate maven, Anne Koller, specializes in supporting dynamic corporate cultures and people development using cutting-edge techniques in meditation, sleep and emotional resilience training.  Anne is the Chief Emotion Officer of TAPIN, a consultancy that focuses on training today's corporate leaders to better navigate human using their emotions as a power source and technology to improve their communication,  collaboration and creativity.  

Her clients range from fortune 50 leadership teams, entrepreneurs, lawyers, wellness agencies, engineers, athletes, and expecting mothers.

Previously a project manager and development strategist for over 8 years at top organizations including ?What If!, Google, DoubleClick, and World Economic Forum with a keen ability to foster connections between people, culture and ideas. Masters of Public Policy and Administration from Columbia University with a specialization in management and strategy. Hails from the University of Minnesota with a double major in Japanese and Urban Studies and a four-year scholar athlete on the Swimming & Diving Team. Fluent in four languages - English, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.


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